We need your help!

One reason consignment sales across the country are so successful is due to the great VOLUNTEERS that work together to benefit sellers and shoppers in organizing the events.   If you find that you can and would like to be a bigger part of our team, you pick when, what and how you would like to join us!   Each shift is 4 hours with snacks & drinks provided.  


Some of the ways to join: 


•    Setting Up & Taking down the Sale-husbands are welcome!

•    Inspecting Items at Drop Off- See what's coming in!

•    Greeting shoppers - Smile required!

•    Register- Watch your items being sold!

•    Organizing Before, During & After the Sale - Type A's apply!

•    MEDIA CONTACT!!  If you can get us a contact for coverage in newspapers, radio or TV, you get 2 passes for the earliest presale time. 

•    Flyer Delivery- Deliver fliers around town

•    Bring snacks for volunteers, no shift required.  More details available when you sign up!



JUST CAN'T GET AWAY TO Volunteer?   but still want to shop early?

BARTERING VOLUNTEERS - Spots available to earn you admission to the early shopping times!!


Benefits of Volunteering: 

          1 Shift = Shop the  Early PreSale.   


         2 Shifts = Shop the  Early PreSale earn 70%.  


         3 Shifts = Shop Early PreSale and earn 75%.  


        4 Shifts or MORE = Shop the Early PreSale and earn 80%!! 


Your husband or parent can work a shift for you to earn the extra perks, however, you only receive 1 early shopping pass.  Please email to schedule more than 1 shift at the same time.  


The volunteer schedule will lock the Sunday prior to the sale and you will not be able to make changes. If you have ANY changes after the schedule has been locked, you must text me 3 HOURS BEFORE THE SHIFT to see if you can reschedule, let me know about your replacement, or $25 PER SHIFT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR CHECK.  If this happens twice you will no longer be able to volunteer.




Set-up shifts are great for anyone who is handy with tools or willing to do some heavy lifting.


This will involve setting up the racks, shelving, tables, hanging banners, and getting the floor ready for consignor drop-offs.

         (Consignors! This is a great opportunity to get your husband involved! His volunteer hours will count toward your added percentages

          and early shopping times!)



Volunteers for these shifts will have a lot of interaction with consignors as they drop their items off at the sale.


These volunteers will make sure that the items that are being consigned are clean and in proper working order, they will be checking for stains, rips and holes in the clothing.


They will ensure that clothing is hung and tagged properly.


They will ensure that toys and equipment is in proper working order and they will be checking items for recalls.

Volunteers for these shifts will also be setting up the sales floor, putting inventory out, organizing sections of the sales floor, and transforming the space into an organized and shopable event.

Volunteers for these shifts must have a keen eye for detail and quality, and they must be comfortable in the event that certain items are not able to be accepted. 




These volunteers are vital to keeping the sales floor clean, organized, and in great shape for shoppers.


They may be assigned to any number of roles, including Greeter, Merchandising and Organizing the Sales Floor, Cashier/Check-Out, Sorting, etc.

Individuals interested in these shifts will be the eyes and ears of our sale. They’ll be interacting with shoppers and they will need to have high energy, be engaging and excited to be at the event! 



This is the final step of the event and it involves sorting unsold items into piles for consignors and taking down all of the shelving, tables and fixtures and cleaning up the building that was used for the event.


It also includes sorting all unsold items for consignors and charity partners.

This is another great opportunity for husbands to get involved!

Volunteer  Q & A


Q: How do I sign-up?

A. You need to go to the volunteer sign up page to create an account. Once the account is created you can log-in and select a volunteer time available. Thank you.


Q: Who can help?

A. Moms, Dads, grandparents, expecting parents, aunts, uncles, anyone over 16! Children under 16 are not allowed to volunteer or be with you while volunteering.


Q: What if I am expecting, nursing or have a special medical need?

A. We can work with you! Email us and let's work out a plan that works best to meet your need.


Q: What type of experience do I need?

A. The only experience needed is helping others with a good attitude. Help other volunteers, shoppers and buyers. We do have training for 15 minutes before we need you, so don't be late!


Q: What will I be doing?

A. You can choose once you sign in.  Team volunteers are a huge part of making our sale successful from the beginning to the end. We start by setting up the event, then on to inspecting and organizing before the sale, followed by helping shoppers and checking out buyers during the event. We then pick up and pack up for another sale!


Q: What do I need to bring and wear?

A. Most importantly, bring a good attitude and SMILE.  Good shoes are important, but what you wear depends on what you sign up to help with! 


Q. Can I bring someone to shop with me?

A. We do allow Sellers to have a buddy pass for a guest to shop at the Seller/Guest presale, (see details) but the Volunteer pass will ONLY admit 1 person.   Have them sign up to volunteer too!


Q: What do I need to do if I have a change in plans?

A. The team is counting on you!  You can change your volunteer time up until the first volunteer time starts! (that is unless they are full!) Call us, text us, or email us if there is an emergency and you cannot find a replacement. 

If you do not show, your account will be charged $25 to help pay a last minute replacement.

 Have Questions? 

Email: marlana@meadowspringsmanor.com

Call or Text: 219-954-0042


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