Meadow Springs Tagging Manual


This manual is a guide to help you understand and navigate the tagging system with My Consignment Manager.

This system is pretty user friendly and once you get the hang of it, tagging goes pretty quickly. 


1.    You will log in to My Consignment Manager through the Meadow Springs- Meadow Kids Consignment Sale website.  Just click on the big RED button. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.26.48

2. This will take you to our "Welcome to Our Registration and Tagging System"  page.  Once you are at this page you will click 


Create User Account - If you have not registered yet


 Log In  -  If you're returning to enter more items 

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 5.59.23 AM.png

3.    If you are creating an account you will need to fill out the necessary information, accept the contract, and pay your $10 sellers fee through PayPal

           (you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay this fee.) 


4.    Once you have registered and paid your registration fee, you will see this page. 

5.    To begin tagging, click on Enter Items, which will take you to the page where you will begin entering your items. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 9.55.10 AM.png

6.    Once on this screen you will fill in the blanks - Size, Price, Brand Name, and Description-

           (a description is not required, but may help with keeping track of what you have already entered.)  

           You will also select a category  for your item- such as Boys Clothing, and Size. 


When entering  items- Most sellers like to sort by gender & size BEFORE they begin entering items.    See Pricing Guide for details & suggestions.

  • DISCOUNT - this box  indicates that  you would like your items to be sold at 1/2 price the last day of the sale.

     Sellers who discount their item do sell more.

            NOTE: The DISCOUNT Item box is automatically checked. This means that if your item has not sold by Saturday morning it will be discounted

                      to  50% of your price for the ½ off sale.


            If you do not want your item discounted you must UNCHECK this box. 

  • DONATE -  Check this box  if you would like any unsold items to be donated to local charities.  

               All children’s items will be donated to a Foster Care Clothing closet that can be utilized by foster parents in our community when they take 

               a  child into their home.  This is a GREAT need in our community and we are so glad we will get to help them! 

  • SIZE - Use numerical sizes for all children's clothes. If the label says medium, pick the best numerical size it represents.  

                 For juniors, women's and maternity you need to choose S, M, L for these categories ONLY.  

                 Use Blank Size if your items do not have a size.

  • DESCRIPTION- try name brand, color, and type of clothing. The better the description, the easier it is for our system to locate items for lost tags.


  • CATEGORY-you can use this line for description also.

  • POWER TAGGER-lets you create multiple tags with the same information.

          One of the great things about this program is that you can do multiple tags for a similar item.

                 For example:  If I have 6 pair of size 5 boys jeans that are the same brand,  I can fill out the options and then change my quantity to 6

                  and it will generate 6 tags (with different item numbers). 


 If your session is timed out, don't worry  -the tags you have entered are all saved.  You can complete your tagging in many sessions.

7.    When finished entering all the details, click on  Add Item and the item  is added to your que. 


8.    Once you add an item to your que it will look like this. 


9.    You have the option to generate and print tags whenever you would like by clicking the generate tag button. It is VERY IMPORTANT that this box remain UNCHECKED if you are going to generate tags as you go, otherwise you will print the same tag more than once. 


10.  Once you click generate you will be asked to confirm the number of tags you have selected to generate and once you generate your tags will pop up in Adobe reader. 


Your tags will look like this.


Print Tags

  •   Use white or light colored card stock.  No dark or neon colored or textured paper, or the bar code will not work! 

  •   Please DO NOT place packing tape over the bar code. If you need to tape your tags to the item please make sure    they are easily removable.

  •   You must use Black ink, no grey!

  •   Tags are printed in Adobe Acrobat, most computers have this installed.  

  •   Select individual items to be printed or check the ALL box to select all.

         Pick how many entries you want to show at once (8 - 240)

  •   Tags print 8 to a page, so plan accordingly.

  •   Click Generate Tag(s), it then tells you how many tags you chose and

         to continue, click OK.

  •  After the PDF has downloaded. Click to open.  

        (If your download does not open, you may need to turn off  your pop-up blocker.)

  •  You can save your PDF files to print later or print now!

  •  Check to make sure your tags have printed clear lines without skipping and gaps.

  •  If you having an issue please contact

Tagging your clothes! 


1.    Once you have printed and cut your tags, it is time to tag your clothing. (Please make sure the frame printed around the tag is

       trimmed off.  The scanner may read this as part of the bar code and not be able to locate your item in the system.)


2.    Tags should be attached using safety pins. (See below) - You may use a tagging gun if you have one, however we ask that if you              use a tagging gun you tag your clothes through a seam as to not put holes in the clothing. 

3.    ALL CLOTHING MUST be hung on hangers with the Hanger Head facing LEFT.   You will be asked to correct this at drop off if

        this is not completed correctly.

4.    The tag MUST be attached to the FRONT, RIGHT, TOP corner of the clothing item. This allows shoppers to easy see the price of            your item and makes check out go way faster. 


Please see photos below for appropriate hanging options. 


Pants, Jeans, Skirts: These should be hung on pants hangers or a regular hanger using safety pins. 



Clothing that buttons or zips should be buttoned or zipped completely and then tagged. 



To help ensure your items STAY on the hanger we suggest you pin your item through the front and back. – See below. 



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