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Meadow Springs Consignment

2020 Spring Sale

March 13th-15th 2020

8631 S Hwy 421 Francesville, IN  47946

Friday March 13th

9:00 am - 12:00 pm 

Seller/Volunteer Early Bird

Public Early Bird $5 per person

Public Hours

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Saturday March 14th

10:00am - 6:00pm


Sunday March 15th

10:00am - 2:00pm


Welcome to Meadow Springs 

2020 Spring Consignment Sale!  


Clear out the clutter and make some extra cash before Spring Break! 


Meadow Springs Consignment Sale is a great way to purge all those old toys, children’s clothing, games, and other items you want out of your house and garage - without going through the hassle of a garage sale!


At Meadow Springs, consignors make a profit and will be the first to shop

our amazing inventory from other sellers! 

Why a consignment sale???


  • As a seller, you sell what you want, set your own prices, and get back what doesn’t sell! 

  • Sellers get to shop their own pre-sale with a GUEST!

  • Sellers don’t have to deal with the hassle of haggling for yard sale prices, posting photos online, or meeting complete strangers who sometimes don't show up! 

  • Sellers tag, drop off, and pick up their check all in under a week! 

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1-Tag your items using our online system  

2-Drop everything off at the sale

3-Receive a check for up to 80% of your earnings

...and get back anything that didn’t sell! 


Shoppers get to shop from many different sellers in one convenient location! Experience great deals while enjoying the comfort of a clean, well-organized  environment where everything is arranged by category, gender, and size

Admission is free!               Parking is FREE!

We accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards! 

Enjoy yard sale prices on great items while helping other families make and save money in the process. 

Consignment Sales are widely popular and extremely successful because of the community involvement and everyone's willingness to volunteer their time to make the event a success! There are multiple volunteer opportunities and each opportunity comes with a perk of shopping early, receiving a discount, or earning a higher percentage of sale. 

Shopping Q & A


Q:    What will be at the sale?

A.    High quality, gently-used and new clothing and shoes, prom and wedding dresses. We have boy's and girl's                      clothing from infant through juniors, adult clothing, accessories of all sorts, activity mats, baby carriers, bedding,             backpacks, blankets, books, game consoles, diaper bags, DVDs, educational material, electronics, nursery and

        kid's furniture, baby gates, hair bows, infant bathing items, feeding needs, maternity clothing, monitors, nursery             decor, pack n plays, safety items, sports equipment, strollers, and toys of all kinds! New this season we are                         accepting other household items and furniture as well as wedding decor!  

Q:    Is there admission?

A.    Public shopping hours are FREE.  If you would like to shop early at the VIP PRESALE, you must be a seller,   

        volunteer, or purchase a $5 ticket at the door! 


Q:    What are the regular hours?

A.     Sellers and Volunteer Early Bird Shopping- Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

         Public Early Bird hours ($5 per shopper) 

        Friday Public Hours - 12:00pm - 7:00 pm

        Saturday - 10:00 am - 6:00  pm 

        Sunday - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm (Half Price Day!)

Q:     How can I shop early?

A.     There is a VIP Pre-Sale that is open to the public at 9:00am for $5 or find some items to sell and become a                         SELLER!


Q:     Can I bring my kids and the stroller?

A.     Kids are welcome during all Public sales hours.  However, your children MUST stay with you at all times!  What

         they break or open, YOU buy!   Strollers are welcome but must be tagged at the door. 



Q.    When is the next sale?

A.    Our next sale will be in the fall. 


Q:    How do I pay?

A.    Cash, debit and credit card only.  There is a 4% service charge for credit & debit cards.  NO checks.

Q.    How do I get my items home?

A.    Good question! Be sure to bring your wagon, and any EMPTY bags. Bags and strollers will be checked at the door.

        Bags such as large purses or diaper bags that are not empty will NOT be allowed inside.


Sellers Q & A

Q.   How much does it cost to sell?

A.   There is a one-time registration fee of $10 (paid through PayPal or in person) for all sellers. Sell as little or as much as you would

        like for just $10. 


Q.    How do I know my items will sell? 

A.    Great question!  - How well your items sell is directly affected by how well you prepare your items for the sale. Please ensure

         that every item you sell is clean, well maintained, and free of odors, stains, tears, breaks, and major wear.  Magic Erasers are a

         mom’s best friend when it comes to cleaning up those gently used toys and baby items! Please inspect every single item for     

         staining, general wear and tear, malfunctions, etc. We recommend that you start tagging items as early as possible. Begin by

         sorting, cleaning, entering, and then tagging your items. This takes time so give yourself plenty of it to avoid unneeded stress.


Q.   What should I charge for my items? 

A.   The best question to ask yourself when pricing your items is “What would you pay?” 


The general guideline is 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price, however, the best rule is to ask yourself "What would I pay for this?"    Remember, retail shops are now offering great deals, discounts, and sales on new merchandise.  Your pricing needs to better! Meadow Springs wants to be known for offering great quality for a bargain price.  If your items are over-priced, they won’t sell. 


Pricing also depends on

  • Size

    • Baby clothing and accessories- Babies are given so many great things they never get to wear out!  So that means great items to buy, however, we get so much.   So price very low, mark 50% off and remember that bundled items sell better than single items.

  • Condition

    • Items that are in like new condition are always going to sell better than items that appear very worn. Ensure your items are clean and neatly hanging on a hanger will make it more attractive to the shoppers. 

  • Brands

    • Bargain- Faded Glory, George, Jumping Beans, Wonder Kids

    • Basic - Carters, Little Me, Old Navy, Children's Place

    • Better - Gap, Gymboree, LL Bean, Lands End, Under Armour

    • Boutique - Hanna Anderson, Hartstrings, Janie & Jack, Lily Pulitzer, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, LulaRoe


REMEMBER Sets, Packages, & Bundles Sell Better!


Price it to sell, not go home!


We all get sentimental.  Keep the memories and keep just a few items your child will remember.  

The worn-out teddy bear, the Buzz Lightyear that has left marks all over your house,

the doll with a "special" haircut need not sell.

Sell the rest and make new memories.  


Q.    Can I bundle items together?

A.    YES YES YES!! Shoppers are looking for a bargain! When you can buy 3-4 onesies for $10 vs 1 for $3-$4 it’s always better! 


Q.    What can I sell? 

A.     Please visit our “What is accepted” page for a full list of items. 

Remember: Every item brought to the sale will be inspected for stains, holes, and excessive wear and tear. Items should come from a smoke free home and anything with even a hint of a smoke, musty, or mildew type of smell will not be accepted. Consignors are expected to do their own inspection and avoid bringing items that don’t meet these standards. Clothing should be in style and current (meaning it should have been purchased within the past 4-5 seasons). 


Q.    When do I drop off my items?

A.     All sellers will register for a check in/drop off time where they will bring their items for inspection and place them in the designated areas. Each seller is given an ID number and clothing is arranged in numeric number by size and category to allow for easy location of the sellers items. Using a Tagging Trooper? You will provide them your items in advance and will not need to complete the check in step because your trooper does it for you. 


Q.     Can I earn MORE than the 65% of my sales?

A.     Absolutely! Sellers that complete volunteer shifts get to shop first AND earn up to 80% of their sales. 


Q.     When do I get paid? 

A.     Sellers can pick up their payment by the following Tuesday after the sale. All checks not picked up by 5 pm on Tuesday will be mailed. 


Q.     How and when do I pick up my items?

A.     Sellers MUST pick-up their unsold items Sunday after the sale. Sellers DO NOT have to come if they have chosen to donate their items. Throughout Sunday we will strive to have all items back in their correct location.   Sales will be uploaded throughout the day however due to WIFI service issues at the site location final tallies may not show up on the portal until after the sale is completely finished on Sunday. Items can be picked up anytime on Sunday after 2:00 pm but MUST be picked up by  5:00 pm or they will be donated. (NO EXCEPTIONS). 

Tagging Troopers Tagging Service


TOO BUSY to Consign but want to sell your stuff??

Check out our Tagging Troopers!! Simply drop off your items with an experienced tagger who will do all the work for you! All you do is collect your check after the sale!


As the seller you split a portion of your sales with your Tagging Trooper but still make up to 40% of sales. Your Tagging Trooper will receive 25% of your total sales for their work. 


How does the tagging service work? 

  • Notify our event coordinator that you would like to use the tagging service. 

  • You will then be contacted by one of our tagging troopers about a drop off appointment for your items. 

  • Provide your tagging trooper with all items in boxes that will NOT be returned. All clothing items must be on or come with hangers.

  • Any items that you want sold together must already be bound. 

  • Any items that you are requesting a special price for must be labeled.

Sit back, relax, and wait for the sale!

Using our tagging service allows you to enjoy all the same perks as a normal seller.

  • Enjoy the sellers only pre-sale night with a guest of your choice.

  • Pick up any unsold items, should you choose not to donate. 

  • Receive your payment!


Tagging Troopers are on a first come first serve basis and reserve the right to limit the number of tagging jobs they allow. 

This is a first come first serve service and spaces are limited! 

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